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Welcome to Frigide Barjot!

Have you ever think about the danger of walking alone on the street at night or stopping a theft? There will be many situations that you must fight yourself against other people and dangers. What should you do? Just get enough knowledge and skills of self-defense.

Also, to fight against any threat, you must prepare so much and even get some aids which may be baton, pepper spray, etc. Otherwise, there are many techniques and martial arts to learn for self-defense.

Someone could have the opinion that only children and women must learn about self-defense, but anything can come to you, so anyone should know tips, techniques to protect yourself and others.

Lucky for you, this is a blog about self-defense, all the things we mention in this blog will help you, especially women and children, protect yourself and face with threats from others.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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