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Watford Delta Force Paintball

It is not quite a popular scene where you get the chance to pursue your other half around a sloppy forest brandishing a paintball sniper and cracking wildly as they escape in fear; though I’m convinced this ought to occur frequently as we had the most invigorating time partaking in a morning of paintball missions at Delta Force Paintball in Watford and it’s positively a story that we will linger for a long time to come!

We touched base at 9 am as we already had a 10am-1pm morning session scheduled and were welcomed by a convergence of energized paintballee’s and workers in splendid yellow shirts guiding us where to go, pointing us towards the right directions and helping us arranging our gear. We didn’t have to carry anything with us as Delta Force give everything except for clothes. They asked us to wear something comfortable so we have any problems with mud as it rained heavily the night before

Subsequent to signing our consent forms, we were driven through a progression of boundaries firstly protect our clothes and soften the impact of the paintballs, goggle masks and body armor that covered our head down to the ankle, a paintball hopper and our equipment of overalls. We were then given the alternative to buying extra flares, grenades, smoke bombs and paintballs from the shop for which you must be beyond 18yrs years old. There are likewise light refreshments of crisps, caffeinated drinks, water, free tea and espresso, hot noodles and pizza which can be requested ahead of time for lunch although a portion of the groups and couples came with their own food. The lockers on location can be hired so we utilized our own to stow our box of valuables, phones, jackets and paintballs we had acquired as the only thing you’re required to take into the field is yourself and a paintball firearm. We had a lot of paintballs between us working out at around 100 paintballs each per game so it was sufficient for us. I had a bunch of balls extra in my firearm toward the end but I could have effectively utilized them all, it relies upon how trigger happy you get if you choose to go full-scale Armageddon or be an expert marksman.


Delta Force is the world biggest paintball games supplier with more than 50 prime UK areas for paintballing evaluated 5 stars by the UK Paintball Association and in charge of the wellbeing of more than 500,000 players yearly. With US spec padded collar to protect your torso and neck, the latest semi-automatic paintball guns which are lightweight and very accurate, camouflage combat suits to protect your clothes, custom-made battle packs to hold extra ammo and full head helmet and goggle protection systems fitted with anti-fog lenses, what you need to take into the field is your aim and your best war face best war face and point.

Just an hour into the game, I was wailing with laughter, giving cover to my partners, running at the enemy weapon blasting and even secured a helicopter as the president on an extraordinary mission to get to the safe point while the whole white group was told to shoot at me. Never ever did I believe I would ever be so brave, courageous, muddy and delighted to be tossed into the center of a battlefield protecting my partner and I’m glad it was something we both appreciated which has without a doubt united us even as a couple since now I can really say he’d take a bullet for me – and we have the declarations for extraordinary boldness and outstanding courage in battle to demonstrate it!

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