What Are The Health Benefits of Quinoa and How To Preserve It?

Quinoa are a kind of “super food” that brings a lot of health benefits, while also helping you maintain a slim physique thanks to weight loss effects. If you just want to eat delicious and nutritious without worrying about weight gain, don’t miss the quinoa!

Although quinoa is not a grain but it has some rather grain-like properties. These nuts are quite common in South America but have recently become popular in many parts of the world and have been classified as one of the superfoods.

There are 3 types of quinoa: white, red and black quinoa. Let’s find out how good quinoa is and how to store it.

The health benefits of quinoa

Quinoa is a food that should be added to a healthy diet by helping you lose weight but still have enough nutrition. Here are the effects of quinoa seeds that will only make you want to buy these nuts right away.

#1 Provide many nutrients

185g of quinoa after cooking will give you 222 calories, 39g carb, 4g fat and a small amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition, quinoa has some nutrients such as: Fiber, manganese, phosphorus, folate, iron, zinc, kali, Vitamins B1, B2 and B6.

Besides nutrients, quinoa also has flavonoids, which are good for antioxidants from plants.

#2 Blood sugar control

Some foods have the ability to make your blood sugar rise very fast. These foods will make you fast and easy to gain weight. However, quinoa is not included in these foods.

This seed has a fairly low blood sugar index so it will not increase your blood sugar quickly. This is a dish that helps you control diabetes with blood sugar index in foods.

#3 Quinoa helps better metabolism

Quinoa has a lot of nutrients, so it is not surprising that they can improve your metabolism. Even some scientists have done experiments to test the effects of quinoa on metabolism in humans and mice.

Human experiments have shown that eating quinoa reduces blood sugar, insulin and triglycerides. Experiments on mice performed on mice with a high fructose diet after eating quinoa also avoided the negative effects of fructose.

#4 Quinoa helps with antioxidant

Quinoa is rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, slow down aging and prevent certain diseases.

#5 Quinoa helps lose weight

To lose weight, you can choose foods that promote metabolism or take long-lasting foods. The good news for you is that the quinoa has both of these possibilities!

Quinoa has a lot of proteins that help you boost your metabolism and stay full longer. In addition, the amount of fiber in quinoa also contributes to your fullness, thereby reducing your calorie intake.

The low blood sugar index of quinoa is also a plus for weight loss. This seed does not increase your blood sugar so quickly that you will be less likely to get calories.

How to preserve quinoa?

#1 How to preserve uncooked quinoa?

To store uncooked quinoa properly, store them in an airtight container or sealed bag. And be sure to close the box or bag of quinoa after use.

Uncooked quinoa can store for up to 3 years if you store it in a cool, sealed and dry container. You should not leave quinoa exposed to light or heat because this will make the quinoa more susceptible to damage.

#2 How to preserve cooked quinoa?

If you have cooked quinoa and have not eaten it yet, put it in the refrigerator within 2 hours after cooking.

So how long does cooked quinoa stay good in the fridge? You should store the quinoa in a sealed container in the refrigerator. If you use this way, you can store quiona for 1 week. If you use a freezer, you can store quinoa for up to 1 year.

Before taking quinoa from the refrigerator to cook it again, check if the quinoa is more soft or moldy. These are signs of quinoa is going bad.

Quinoa is a superfood that has many health benefits. These nuts can also be processed into very tasty dishes, so try it once to change your taste.

The Life Will Be Much Easier With These Cookware for Gas Stove


Gas stoves are pretty different than electric ones. They are easy to use. However, they do heat up real fast, and the temperature is uneven too. Although most of the cookware works on a gas stove, some special ones work best for them.

In this article, we will talk about all the best cookware for gas stove to help you find the perfect ones.

Curious? Give it a read; we are sure you’ll love it.

The Different Types of Materials

Most of the materials work best for a gas stove. However, there are some unique ones that go perfectly with it.

That’s why take a look at all the materials and their features to get a better understanding of the cookware itself.


First of all, there’s copper. Cooper is a beautiful material for gas stove cookware. They heat up real quick and spreads the temperature evenly. The reaction time is also fast. So, if your pan gets too hot and you turn down the heat, it’ll cool down almost then and there.

However, there’s a slight problem. It’s too reactive. During cooking, it will react to the food and then alter the taste. These also have severe health effects that are definitely bad for us.

If you keep eating copper infested food on a regular basis, it can cause serious health hazards such as anemia, liver and kidney problems. It’s also quite expensive and heavy.

But if you use them with a protective coating, the situation will be different.

Carbon Steel

These are cheap materials to use as cookware. However, they have an uneven heating problem and takes a lot of time to heat up.

This makes it difficult to cook in and can’t maintain the overall heat.


Aluminium is another great material for cookware, and it tops every possible way for the gas stove. However, it also has some probable drawbacks. It’s the same as copper; they are too reactive. If you digest them regularly, it will affect your liver, brain, bones, and heart.

Many cookware uses it with other materials for making safer cookware that has best of everything.  It’s a cheap material, but could also bend in high temperature.

Stainless Steel

This is the worst material you could ever use for cookware. They heat up unevenly and take a lot of time to raise the temperature. However, they are perfect for using as a cladding over Aluminium and Copper as they are corrosion resistant.

Moreover, they are easy to clean up and also have fair pricing.

Cast Iron

Cast iron might not be the best choice, but it’s not the worst either.

They are quite heavy and thick, so it gets a bit difficult to heat them up first. However, once the temperature rises, it will spread it evenly on the cookware. But it will take up a lot of gas to get the better output.

It also isn’t that reactive to heat change. So, it will take some time to cool down if it becomes too hot. This makes adjusting temperature while cooking a bit difficult. The costing is quite cheap but may crack if it falls.

So, What Is the Best Cookware for Gas Stove?

As you can see, the materials with the best heating solution rather have a higher reaction to foods. So, how do all the manufacturers produce all these cookware in the first place?

Well, the answer is that they don’t necessarily depend on only one material. The materials that heat up quickly but have a reactive problem are used with a protective layer on top. It’s mostly stainless steel.

Now let’s take a look at the popular choice for cookware we thought were best suited for gas stoves.

  1. Stainless steel coating on cooper

This is one of the best cookware for gas stove. Here the cookware has an inner copper layer sandwiched between two stainless steel layers. This combination makes them easy to cook in and clean after use.

A copper layer enclosed by an inner and outer layer of stainless steel.

  1. Stainless steel coating on aluminium

This one is the same as the copper cookware. The aluminum replaces just the copper. This combination is another winner for gas stoves. They have the perfect balance of thermal control with zero side effects.

  1. Stainless steel cookware with copper bottom

These are also another popular choice. You will get the benefit of both worlds here. The copper bottom helps the stainless steel to heat up faster than usual. They are not as good as the full clad copper but still works best if you are on a budget.

Essential Parts of the Cookware You Need To Check

  • Handle: It would be best to go for a silicone-coated or wooden handle. These materials stay cool while you cook on the gas stove.
  • Base: You can go with round shape bases or even flat based too. Anything works for gas stoves.
  • Sides: Flared sides are great for regular cooking. But for handling liquids, vertical sides would be perfect. Of course, the more depth it has, the better.
  • Rim: Flat edged pans are much more suited for adding ingredients. However, liquids work well with curved edges.
  • Cookware Surface: Cast Iron surface works like a non-stick pan. On the other hand, stainless steels are suitable for browning.
  • Rivets: Check the rivets carefully. They will connect the handle with the pan. If they seem loose, avoid the cookware.

Now that you know just what material to choose cooking on a gas stove, it will be a blast for you. So, don’t wait up, get the one best suited to your budget.

Watford Delta Force Paintball

Delta Force Paintball Watford

It is not quite a popular scene where you get the chance to pursue your other half around a sloppy forest brandishing a paintball sniper and cracking wildly as they escape in fear; though I’m convinced this ought to occur frequently as we had the most invigorating time partaking in a morning of paintball missions at Delta Force Paintball in Watford and it’s positively a story that we will linger for a long time to come!

We touched base at 9 am as we already had a 10am-1pm morning session scheduled and were welcomed by a convergence of energized paintballee’s and workers in splendid yellow shirts guiding us where to go, pointing us towards the right directions and helping us arranging our gear. We didn’t have to carry anything with us as Delta Force give everything except for clothes. They asked us to wear something comfortable so we have any problems with mud as it rained heavily the night before

Subsequent to signing our consent forms, we were driven through a progression of boundaries firstly protect our clothes and soften the impact of the paintballs, goggle masks and body armor that covered our head down to the ankle, a paintball hopper and our equipment of overalls. We were then given the alternative to buying extra flares, grenades, smoke bombs and paintballs from the shop for which you must be beyond 18yrs years old. There are likewise light refreshments of crisps, caffeinated drinks, water, free tea and espresso, hot noodles and pizza which can be requested ahead of time for lunch although a portion of the groups and couples came with their own food. The lockers on location can be hired so we utilized our own to stow our box of valuables, phones, jackets and paintballs we had acquired as the only thing you’re required to take into the field is yourself and a paintball firearm. We had a lot of paintballs between us working out at around 100 paintballs each per game so it was sufficient for us. I had a bunch of balls extra in my firearm toward the end but I could have effectively utilized them all, it relies upon how trigger happy you get if you choose to go full-scale Armageddon or be an expert marksman.


Delta Force is the world biggest paintball games supplier with more than 50 prime UK areas for paintballing evaluated 5 stars by the UK Paintball Association and in charge of the wellbeing of more than 500,000 players yearly. With US spec padded collar to protect your torso and neck, the latest semi-automatic paintball guns which are lightweight and very accurate, camouflage combat suits to protect your clothes, custom-made battle packs to hold extra ammo and full head helmet and goggle protection systems fitted with anti-fog lenses, what you need to take into the field is your aim and your best war face best war face and point.

Just an hour into the game, I was wailing with laughter, giving cover to my partners, running at the enemy weapon blasting and even secured a helicopter as the president on an extraordinary mission to get to the safe point while the whole white group was told to shoot at me. Never ever did I believe I would ever be so brave, courageous, muddy and delighted to be tossed into the center of a battlefield protecting my partner and I’m glad it was something we both appreciated which has without a doubt united us even as a couple since now I can really say he’d take a bullet for me – and we have the declarations for extraordinary boldness and outstanding courage in battle to demonstrate it!

Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Flashlight

A discussion on flashlights might sound crooked, but when you center on the requirements of folks who travel, the increasing number of natural calamities, it becomes logical that one could be useful. Some of the uses of flashlights on trips include checking for strangers who patrol around the site and providing light on toilet visits. A wide range of guidelines on how to choose the best flashlights centers on two predominant questions:

Best Flashlight

What are my needs?

First, make a wise decision on the kind of features of the flashlight that meets your needs at the campsite. In this case, consider the reliability and brightness first. Secondly, make a consideration of your ability to buy the flashlight. Remember, the more superior the features, the higher the cost of the device. Check your financial plan.

What are the best features and functions of the flashlight?

Once you are through with the decision pertaining your needs and budget, shift your attention to the flashlight features. As I have shared before, the more brightness and best features in a flashlight, the higher the cost. But, never shop a flashlight on the price factor. Buy reliable equipment rather than cheaper stuff.

Irrespective of the fact that headlamps have proved to be famous, flashlights remain the best option in the market. They enhance easy control of light and production of a high beam of light. Due to the ongoing technological advancements, flashlight design has upgraded regarding size, brightness, and components. When identifying the suitable attributes of a flashlight, you have to consider the following:

1. The amount of light produced by the device.

It is very vital to consider the intensity of light produced by the flashlight. The measurable unit of light potency is called lumens. For better outcome, establish the distance of the beam. Determine the furthest it can project before it diminishes in the brightness. We refer to this as beam distance.

Secondly, mark the runtime. Calculate the duration taken by the light produced to drop to 10% of the output rating on the new batteries. In some cases, the intensity of light diminishes gradually over time. In another scenario, the output remains at a flat rate and then decreases suddenly.

2. The type of the battery and its runtime.

Flashlight batteries differ both in type and quality. Consider if the battery is readily available. Popular battery sizes include AAA and AA. You can quickly get these types in the market stalls. Some other rare battery types include D cell batteries and the CR123A type. The latter is much expensive and comprise of high voltage. Some battery types are recharged using AC or DC means. They have inbuilt lithium-ion batteries. They are indeed costly. Others are not rechargeable.

Consider the flashlight’s controls. All ordinary flashlights have the ON/OFF control buttons and four types of modes that is: low, medium, high and boost. You have the choice to select the style that fits your need. The boost mode produces a high-intensity beam. The runtime will always be shorter if the pattern is brighter than dim.

3. The size and weight of the flashlight.

People have a variety of choices on the size and weight of the flashlight. In most cases, large-sized flashlights that are heavier are not brighter, though, they may offer you extended services because of their battery capacity which is greater.

4. The material and shape of the flashlight.

The medium by which a flashlight comprises determines several factors such as weight, corrosion resistance, aesthetics, and heat dissipation. The main types of material used in manufacturing processes include:

Aluminum: Aluminum is a good conductor of heat. It’s light, durable and most available. This stuff is considered much significant regarding performance, durability and resistant to corrosion.
Titanium: In comparison to aluminum, titanium is heavier. It has different varieties of appearance, and it’s h3. Practically, titanium provides an excellent balance of form and function.
Stainless steel: Steel is the most common choice of flashlight material. It has a high resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel is harder and denser compared to aluminum. Iron headed flashlights provide an extra impact resistance.
Copper and brass: These two are good conductors of heat. They are resistant to corrosion. This feature gives them a long-term attraction.

Aluminum bodied flashlights vary in shape. Some are thin and light. Others are thick and tough. The most popular forms comprise of cylindrical shapes. This type tends to roll around anytime they are laid on a surface. However, some of the designs are modified to resist this issue of moving by a knurled pattern design on their bodies.

5. Pocket holder.

Most users prefer carrying a flashlight by the clip. This method is always interchangeable, that is, you can attach it somewhere on your body facing head up or head down. You may also opt to screw your flashlight facing directly towards the light’s gear.

6. Lanyard holes.

You may attach lanyard straps on small flashlights which mostly have holes at the tail. This formula is convenient for carrying them around your neck.

7. Holsters.

Some flashlights come with holsters. Their function relates to clips. This feature enables the user to attach the gadget to the bag using Velcro straps or D-straps. The hostler can be put in the pocket or around the ankle. When the torch is not in use, holsters provide protection as well.

8. Diffusers and Filters.

These are accessories that change the illumination from a flashlight for our usage. If you have a flashlight which can convert into a black light, you can opt for the UV filters to hunt down pet stains.

I hope you have now understood and appreciated flashlights more than before. You may now decide to find the right choice for your trip. There is a diversity of torches out there on the market for you to make a decision. Hopefully, by embracing the features and functions you require, you will find an excellent type to add to your collection.

Some Wonderful Tips for You to Enjoy a Beach Trip

Trips to the beach are fun and can always help one relax, play and even create lifelong memories. Planning a beach trip is always important and it ensures one gets to enjoy the beach without any regrets, insecurities or feeling disappointed. To ensure the best beach trip ever, implement the following invaluable tips.

15 tips for enjoying a beach trip

Prepare a Packing list

A packing list comes in handy when packing for the beach as it is easier to remember what to carry by cross-checking them through it. It can be prepared days before the trip to leave room for more additions.

Carry a sand-free bag

Sand can be a nightmare when shaking it off as it clutches on almost everything. This can be avoided by simply carrying a tote sand free bag that can keep everything away from the sand. Additionally, carry a mash tent bag for toys and other playing tools that you can shake off sand from.

Get a beach tentGet a beach tent

A beach tent can be one of the most fun gadgets to take to the beach. You can buy or rent a beach tent that suits your needs. Make sure you choose the best tent for your family, because the beach tent is important as it is protecting you from extreme sun, wind and also provides room for privacy. Beach tents are easy to set up and they can be folded for easier transportation.

Keep phones and other electronics in a zip lock bag

Considering we carry our devices everywhere, it is always important to protect them from sand dust and water. This can be done by encasing them in a clear ziplock bag that protects them from water and enables you to still use the devices enclosed.

Carry a vacation kit

A vacation kit can be personal or for a whole group. It contains essentials such as bug spray, sunscreen, and medication. Bugs and sunburns can ruin the moment and even damage the skin. Spraying your body with a bug spray and applying sunscreen will keep the bugs away and also prevent skin irritation making the beach trip more fun. Medication can be used to prevent fatality especially to asthma and individuals prone to allergy attacks.

Attach keys to a cork key holder

Keys should be hooked to a cork to enable them to float in water when swept away once you accidentally drop them. The corks can be made at home or can be bought from the stores.

Identify waves and current movements

Waves and current patterns may change, and you need to always be on the lookout for such changes as they can lead to fatal accidents or even death. Once at the beach, observe the waves movement before getting in the water.

Carry snacks and clean water to drink

Kids can really disturb when hungry and to maintain the peace pack meals or snacks. Ensure you pack enough meals to last as long as you will remain at the beach. Remember to carry clean drinking water as the water in the sea is polluted.

Spot a lifeguardSpot a lifeguard

As lifeguards are always at the beach for safety and security, it is necessary to always keep tabs on one or more as they can easily help save people who are drowning and also offer first aid services to the injured.

Protect your hair

Sand can easily get tangled up in your hair and it becomes a really hard task to get it off. Covering hair with a scarf or a light cap may minimize the task of removing sand in hair. On top of that, always moisturize your hair to keep it tangle free once you get in the water.

Protect your eyes

The sun can have some cruel effects on your eyes if not protected. Wear shades while heading to the beach to prevent direct sunlight and also prevent sand particles from getting into your eyes.

Follow instructions and rules

Most beaches have similar rules, but others have different rules and it is important to read and understand them as they ensure your safety and also the safety of others while there.

Prepare for potty time

While taking kids to the beach, it is necessary to plan ahead for potty time. This is always done by either carrying a portable potty to prevent soiling on the sand and also helps maintain a clean environment around the beach.

Carry a waterproof bag

A waterproof bag can be used to carry wet clothes from the beach and it is always good to have one as clothes from the beach are mostly wet and can drip water all over.

Keep money in a chapstick

Money can get stolen or wet and should be stored in small waterproof container or bag for portability. Chapsticks can be used to stash money inside and are easy to carry around.

For a beach trip to be memorable always prepare ahead.