How much is the best musky reel for the money?

If you are have interested in musky fish and want to catch them, you will need very sophisticated equipment, that are specially designed for fishing these large fish can reach about 10 kg easily. Investing in a high quality reel is one of the best way.

However, if you have limited budget, you will want to buy the one that is the best musky reel for the money and fit your requirement. This post will let you know the price you should to pay for the musky reel.

#1 The price

Not only musky reel but with most things, price is always an important factor when making a purchase. When looking for the musky reel you may stuck between the budget friendly units and high-quality units. How to balance these factors?

Normally, a musky reel will have the price about $100 to $600. It is obvious that Getting a cheaper musky reel could cost time and money due to fraying of the line, damage to the reel, and the loss of possible catches that happen due to the low-quality of the reel. On the other hands, choosing premium reels made from premium materials means that the best musky reel will last a lot longer and will result in spending less money in replacement reels.

The premium reels often made of high-grade aluminium that can last a lifetime with the right care.

#2 How money you should pay for musky reel?

For a good quality musky that ensure it will last you for a long time, we recommend that you should spend between $200-$400. If it is too expensive for you, you can still find a decent musky reel under $150. If you just go fishing a couple of times a year or you are a newbie in this muskie hunting hobby, youo would probably do find with a musky reel under $200.

However, remember that you should not choose under 100$ musky reel. You will realize that you might end up with replacing that cheap $50, $75, or $100 reel once it breaks and you will have to spend more money to a new one. Spending the money upfront and get quality from is the best way to go.

Best LED aquarium lighting: NICREW classic LED Light VS. KOVAL LED light

Best LED aquarium lighting does not only serve to increase the special aesthetic appeal of your fish, corals, plant or any aquatic organisms. The LED light also plays an important role in the simulate day and night cycles in your tank.

Especially, if you are keeping plants and corals in your aquarium, the LED light will provide the optimum temperature and lighting conditions for plants and corals photosynthesize.

There are many models of LED light for aquarium available on the market with different pros and cons. This post will help you narrow your choice by comparing two of the most favorite LED light products recently: Nicrew classic LED lighting VS. Koval LED lighting.

#1 Light spectrum

The spectrum should contain enough colors for the photosynthesis process of plants and corols.

Nicrew LED light creates a shimmering light in your aquarium that can be set to 2 different modes. The white lights are good for daylight. The daytime mode provides a clean and balanced natural color for the lighting.

And the blue lights are used for the nighttime mode. When you switch to the night mode, the shadowy actinic blue light will mimic nightlight perfectly.

Koval LED light contains the full-color spectrum with78 and 156 bright lights depend on the size that you choose. These lights offer 5 different colors. Due to the full spectrum light, this LED light is suitable for any type of fish, aquatic plant ad coral reefs.

It also has more lighting mode than the Nicrew with 3 options: all lights on, only blue LEDs on, and all lights off. The “all light on” mode used for daytime and “only blue LEDs on” mode will simulate the natural moonlight and use it for the nighttime.

#2 Efficiency

The first thing you will find in Nicrew light once you install it is its brightness. It is an extremely bright light. This will ensure that every corner in your tank will be illuminated. Nicrew produces the light that does not affect the behavior of the fish in the aquarium but still ensures the benefit for the plants.

Depends on how you use it, the Koval light can be used for 50,000 hours and more, which helps you save the cost of buying replacements bulbs. This is the LED light with highly efficient and low energy.

#3 Extra features and cost

There are many LED lights that come with some extra features such as run on time, automatically change intensity, range of wavelengths, etc. However, with 2 products that will review, there are no extra features included, no timer, dimer or another adjustment.

But the lights with more features will be more expensive. Sacrificing some additional features below, you can get the Nicrew and Koval light with less cost but still, give the basic factors that your aquarium needed.

Frequency Questions About Fish Tank Chiller

It is obvious that water temperature is very important to fish because they are cold-blooded animals. That means their body temperature deeply affects the environment surrounding.

Due to this, you will need the fish tank chiller to regulate and bring the optimal temperature for your fish.

What makes your tank overheat?

There are two factors can lead to the over-heat of your aquarium:

Firstly, all the equipment you are using such as canister filters, powerheads, hang-on filters, wavemakers, and water pumps can generate heat. The more capacity, the more heat is produced.

Secondly, the reason is the aquarium light system. All the bulbs are release heat to warm the water. But LED light will provide less heat than other bulbs.

Sometimes, the heat up of the aquarium can also due to the sudden change of weather. However, the chiller can solve almost these problems.

How does an aquarium chiller work?

The heat exchange process of an aquarium chiller is: the chiller takes the heat from the water of the tank and transfers it to the outside environment. A chiller has 4 main parts such as the heat exchanger, expansion valve, the compressor and the condenser coil.

The cooling process will begin with a heat exchanger that will absorb the heat from the water. Then the compressor will pump the refrigerant vapour to the condenser. The refrigerant will be kept in the condenser tubes and then it is blown through the hot condenser coil by a fan.

Where you should place your chiller?

Almost chiller devices are compact and take less space. Placing your chiller in the area that enough airflow for the chiller releases the heat. If you place the chiller in the enclosed space, it may cause a less effective chiller and wastes a lot of energy.

Best food for bearded dragon & leopard geckos: How to feed a lizard?

If you are a lizard keeper, finding how to feed them correctly is definitely what you should do to keep them live healthily. But there are varieties of lizard species are available, state clearly what to feed them is not an easy task. This article below will help you figure out.

What types of lizard did you have?

Different types of lizards eat different types of food. The first thing you should do is figure out what is your lizard specie by looking at its physical characteristics. And then define what types of food they should eat and how much they can eat.

Some lizards are carnivores, some are herbivorous and some of them also are omnivorous.

Lizards are carnivores

A representative of this type is the leopard gecko. Leopard geckos are carnivores that mean they do not eat vegetables. The best food for leopard geckos is insects. You can easily buy live crickets at any animal shop. Some insect larvae such as super mealworms and wax worms also provide your lizard nutrients.

Note that only buying insects that match the size with your lizards. Before feeding them, you will need to dust supplement powder to the insert to help your pet get enough calcium and vitamin D3.

Lizards are omnivores

The most common species of this type is the bearded dragon. The best foods for bearded dragons are fresh produce and live insects daily. Omnivores lizard can eat quite a lot of common vegetables such as leafy greens, carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes, cucumber, broccoli, etc.

Some insects such as fireflies are not the best food for bearded dragons like some people thinking because they are poisonous to your pet.

 Lizards are herbivorous

Vegetarians are easier than others to meet their requirements for dietary. You should chop and mix their salads before feeding them. Providing some vegetables that are rich in nutrients such as broccoli, blueberries, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.

Buying guide: Looking for an omelet pans best rated

If you are in the habit of eating omelette in your breakfast, you absolutely should buy an omelete pans best rated that specially made for the omelette instead of using the other regular pan.

Using the best rate omelette pan brings you a new experience of making omelette. This cookware is design for many different size and shape and the multitude of choices.

But basically all the omelette pans have high sides and non-stick surface, which made for omelettes only. With many different options of omelettes pan to choose, this article will help you to find the best one for your own.

 #1  Bottom

The significant point that your pan must-have is the flat thickness bottom. If the surface is thin, include just one layer, your pan is not long-lasting and easily prone to damage.

Moreover, a flat thickness bottom allows you to cook at high temperature without warping, distribution heat evenly.

#2 Size

The size of pan is chosen depending on your needs, how many eggs you need to omelette at once time? How many people are you cooking for?

8 inch pans are quite small, will suit for the singer while the bigger 10 inches and 12 inch pans will suit for whole the family.

 #3 Material

If you want to cook a delicious omelette, the material is a factor that you should not miss. It will directly affect the quality of your omelette dish.

Aluminium is a common choice because of lightweight and evenly on distribution heat and cheap. There are some weaknesses that it will not induction compatible and may react with the chemical at high temperature.

Carbon steel is great at durable and conduction heat as well. But it is not good at non-stick and may take your time of cleaning.

Stainless steel will be the best idea for omelette pans. It is durable, conduction heat quickly and non-stick.

A Buying Guide for the Best Rifle Scope Under 300 Dollars

Purchasing a rifle scope to a great extent, relies upon your requirements. Regardless of whether you are a shooter or hunter, there are a few interesting points while picking a best scope under 300.

#1 Magnification and the Objective lens

The Scopes are accessible in a wide range of magnifications as well as the objective lens capabilities. The magnification of the best rifle scope under 300 permits you to change the amplification. A rifle with a magnification of 3-9x is suitable for the beginners. It is imperative to consider the size of the objective lens as it decides the measure of light entering the system. The size is estimated in millimeters. A higher amount of light will get in for a device whose objective lens is larger.

#2 Parallax

When viewing with your best rifle scope under 300, its cross-section must remain in the same position. This is expected regardless of the viewing angle. You can see the view when you move your eyes, and this may wind up shooting, particularly during long-range shots.

#3 Coating

Paint is significant because it gives waterproofing and mist security abilities. You will discover various sorts of coatings that incorporate covered lenses, completely covered lenses, numerous coated lenses, and multi covered lenses.

#4 Reticles

This is a significant factor to consider, particularly on when shooting long range. You can pick the best scope under 300 whose reticle has a single spot that expands on a level plane, vertically or one with a hash mark. The two sorts of reticles function admirably for wind and heights. However, the experience is required when using the device with a dot or the hash mark. Most best rifle scope under 300 dollars have a double reticle. However, you can likewise find out the different features that will adequately suit the intended application.

#5 The field of view

This is an indication of the possible separation that you can see from right to left. For instance, if a scope gives you a 100-meter field of view, this implies you can see 100 meters from right to left.

Click to find out more scopes & sights.

Best Haze Strain

Unlike in the past, it has become effortless to develop marijuana breeds to accommodate the different needs of consumers. For example, particular strains will enhance excitement and others are the best for relaxation.

Today, there are numerous marijuana strains, and they mostly have a common origin. Contemporary hybrids have roots in Skunk, Kush, or Haze strain. They are the foundation of most varieties in the current market.

In the following post, we are going to discuss how to choose the best haze strain by sampling some of the best.

Where the Haze strain comes from

There are several variations of the Haze strain, mostly denoted by the region they are sourced. But the original haze is the most popular.

In the 1970s Santa Cruz California, two breeders, the Haze Brothers created the original Haze. They blended the strains from Colombia, India, and Thailand for the best traits.

The long flowering period of between 14 and 16 weeks is one of the factors that make it unpopular in most dispensaries. It requires special care and attention, but considering the lingering and euphoric highs associated with it, we can pretty much say it is all worth it.

The main characteristic of haze strain is the spicy and pungent aroma. Some strains will have an earthy smell, and others, mixed fruit.

Best amnesia haze strain

The amnesia haze strain, dubbed The skunk by a British tabloid, is one of the most potent. Created in the 2000s, amnesia haze strain is a predominantly sativa species. The best amnesia haze strain grows very slowly and takes a long time to flower. The extended period allows sufficient accumulation of trichomes and the pleasing effect associated with the Strain.

The haze strain is known to reduce stress, with a hypnotizing effect. The thick bud and high THC content is among the factors that make it popular among concentrate manufacturers.

If you are an apprentice, go slow with the amnesia haze strain, exercise moderation.

The majority of the sativa strains have around 14% THC, but the amnesia haze strain has as much as 18% THC. It has a citrusy, fruity, or earthy aroma. The ground buds have a refreshing taste, with citrus or fruity taste that lingers in your mouth.

Best lemon haze

The lemon-flavored Haze is quite popular among dispensaries. The Super lemon haze is a combination of two distinct strains; Super Silver Haze and lemon skunk. And just as the name suggests, super lemon haze has a characteristic superb lemon flavor uplifting effects.

The mixed aroma of lemon and lime, and sometimes grapefruit leaves people yearning for more of it.

The THC content is between 20 and 23%, ensuring a vivid cerebral shift and balanced high. Super lemon haze has its medicinal properties that include pain relief among others.

Best autoflowering haze

A progeny of Speedy G and white Sirius, the Russian haze auto has a higher THC content, responsible for the sweet lingering high. As the best auto haze strain, it has a classic haze flavor and attains maturity within 80 days.

You can cultivate the Strain virtually anywhere, including outdoors, indoors, or in hydroponics.

Best tasting haze

A chocolate Haze is a cross between Cannalope Haze and Og Chocolate Thai. It is one of the easiest to cultivate with a maximum flowering period of 10 weeks. However, trimming is necessary as a chocolate Haze can grow to monstrous heights.

The signature chocolate aroma in the mouth is among the factors that make it a favorite of many. Its relaxing effect and sweet energized high are quite pleasurable, and most cannabis connoisseurs identify with it.

Best yielding haze strain

Delahaze, best yielding haze strain, is a remarkable hybrid with impressive yielding results. It is resistant to mold, and that makes delahaze one of the best for beginners. Furthermore, the short flowering period of around nine weeks is astonishing for most people.

Delahaze Aroma is a sweet blend of classic haze and citrus.

Best Purple Haze strain

The euphoric and energetic high associated with the Purple Haze strain is unique. According to most people, the strain has both indicia and sativa effects. Its taste is a pinch of grape with an effect similar to Sour diesel.

It has high THC levels of between 13% and 21%, while the CBD is around 5%.

It is the best purple haze strain because it is newbie-friendly, among others, with a flowering period of between 8 and 10 weeks.

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What Are The Health Benefits of Quinoa and How To Preserve It?

Quinoa are a kind of “super food” that brings a lot of health benefits, while also helping you maintain a slim physique thanks to weight loss effects. If you just want to eat delicious and nutritious without worrying about weight gain, don’t miss the quinoa!

Although quinoa is not a grain but it has some rather grain-like properties. These nuts are quite common in South America but have recently become popular in many parts of the world and have been classified as one of the superfoods.

There are 3 types of quinoa: white, red and black quinoa. Let’s find out how good quinoa is and how to store it.

The health benefits of quinoa

Quinoa is a food that should be added to a healthy diet by helping you lose weight but still have enough nutrition. Here are the effects of quinoa seeds that will only make you want to buy these nuts right away.

#1 Provide many nutrients

185g of quinoa after cooking will give you 222 calories, 39g carb, 4g fat and a small amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition, quinoa has some nutrients such as: Fiber, manganese, phosphorus, folate, iron, zinc, kali, Vitamins B1, B2 and B6.

Besides nutrients, quinoa also has flavonoids, which are good for antioxidants from plants.

#2 Blood sugar control

Some foods have the ability to make your blood sugar rise very fast. These foods will make you fast and easy to gain weight. However, quinoa is not included in these foods.

This seed has a fairly low blood sugar index so it will not increase your blood sugar quickly. This is a dish that helps you control diabetes with blood sugar index in foods.

#3 Quinoa helps better metabolism

Quinoa has a lot of nutrients, so it is not surprising that they can improve your metabolism. Even some scientists have done experiments to test the effects of quinoa on metabolism in humans and mice.

Human experiments have shown that eating quinoa reduces blood sugar, insulin and triglycerides. Experiments on mice performed on mice with a high fructose diet after eating quinoa also avoided the negative effects of fructose.

#4 Quinoa helps with antioxidant

Quinoa is rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, slow down aging and prevent certain diseases.

#5 Quinoa helps lose weight

To lose weight, you can choose foods that promote metabolism or take long-lasting foods. The good news for you is that the quinoa has both of these possibilities!

Quinoa has a lot of proteins that help you boost your metabolism and stay full longer. In addition, the amount of fiber in quinoa also contributes to your fullness, thereby reducing your calorie intake.

The low blood sugar index of quinoa is also a plus for weight loss. This seed does not increase your blood sugar so quickly that you will be less likely to get calories.

How to preserve quinoa?

#1 How to preserve uncooked quinoa?

To store uncooked quinoa properly, store them in an airtight container or sealed bag. And be sure to close the box or bag of quinoa after use.

Uncooked quinoa can store for up to 3 years if you store it in a cool, sealed and dry container. You should not leave quinoa exposed to light or heat because this will make the quinoa more susceptible to damage.

#2 How to preserve cooked quinoa?

If you have cooked quinoa and have not eaten it yet, put it in the refrigerator within 2 hours after cooking.

So how long does cooked quinoa stay good in the fridge? You should store the quinoa in a sealed container in the refrigerator. If you use this way, you can store quiona for 1 week. If you use a freezer, you can store quinoa for up to 1 year.

Before taking quinoa from the refrigerator to cook it again, check if the quinoa is more soft or moldy. These are signs of quinoa is going bad.

Quinoa is a superfood that has many health benefits. These nuts can also be processed into very tasty dishes, so try it once to change your taste.

The Life Will Be Much Easier With These Cookware for Gas Stove


Gas stoves are pretty different than electric ones. They are easy to use. However, they do heat up real fast, and the temperature is uneven too. Although most of the cookware works on a gas stove, some special ones work best for them.

In this article, we will talk about all the best cookware for gas stove to help you find the perfect ones.

Curious? Give it a read; we are sure you’ll love it.

The Different Types of Materials

Most of the materials work best for a gas stove. However, there are some unique ones that go perfectly with it.

That’s why take a look at all the materials and their features to get a better understanding of the cookware itself.


First of all, there’s copper. Cooper is a beautiful material for gas stove cookware. They heat up real quick and spreads the temperature evenly. The reaction time is also fast. So, if your pan gets too hot and you turn down the heat, it’ll cool down almost then and there.

However, there’s a slight problem. It’s too reactive. During cooking, it will react to the food and then alter the taste. These also have severe health effects that are definitely bad for us.

If you keep eating copper infested food on a regular basis, it can cause serious health hazards such as anemia, liver and kidney problems. It’s also quite expensive and heavy.

But if you use them with a protective coating, the situation will be different.

Carbon Steel

These are cheap materials to use as cookware. However, they have an uneven heating problem and takes a lot of time to heat up.

This makes it difficult to cook in and can’t maintain the overall heat.


Aluminium is another great material for cookware, and it tops every possible way for the gas stove. However, it also has some probable drawbacks. It’s the same as copper; they are too reactive. If you digest them regularly, it will affect your liver, brain, bones, and heart.

Many cookware uses it with other materials for making safer cookware that has best of everything.  It’s a cheap material, but could also bend in high temperature.

Stainless Steel

This is the worst material you could ever use for cookware. They heat up unevenly and take a lot of time to raise the temperature. However, they are perfect for using as a cladding over Aluminium and Copper as they are corrosion resistant.

Moreover, they are easy to clean up and also have fair pricing.

Cast Iron

Cast iron might not be the best choice, but it’s not the worst either.

They are quite heavy and thick, so it gets a bit difficult to heat them up first. However, once the temperature rises, it will spread it evenly on the cookware. But it will take up a lot of gas to get the better output.

It also isn’t that reactive to heat change. So, it will take some time to cool down if it becomes too hot. This makes adjusting temperature while cooking a bit difficult. The costing is quite cheap but may crack if it falls.

So, What Is the Best Cookware for Gas Stove?

As you can see, the materials with the best heating solution rather have a higher reaction to foods. So, how do all the manufacturers produce all these cookware in the first place?

Well, the answer is that they don’t necessarily depend on only one material. The materials that heat up quickly but have a reactive problem are used with a protective layer on top. It’s mostly stainless steel.

Now let’s take a look at the popular choice for cookware we thought were best suited for gas stoves.

  1. Stainless steel coating on cooper

This is one of the best cookware for gas stove. Here the cookware has an inner copper layer sandwiched between two stainless steel layers. This combination makes them easy to cook in and clean after use.

A copper layer enclosed by an inner and outer layer of stainless steel.

  1. Stainless steel coating on aluminium

This one is the same as the copper cookware. The aluminum replaces just the copper. This combination is another winner for gas stoves. They have the perfect balance of thermal control with zero side effects.

  1. Stainless steel cookware with copper bottom

These are also another popular choice. You will get the benefit of both worlds here. The copper bottom helps the stainless steel to heat up faster than usual. They are not as good as the full clad copper but still works best if you are on a budget.

Essential Parts of the Cookware You Need To Check

  • Handle: It would be best to go for a silicone-coated or wooden handle. These materials stay cool while you cook on the gas stove.
  • Base: You can go with round shape bases or even flat based too. Anything works for gas stoves.
  • Sides: Flared sides are great for regular cooking. But for handling liquids, vertical sides would be perfect. Of course, the more depth it has, the better.
  • Rim: Flat edged pans are much more suited for adding ingredients. However, liquids work well with curved edges.
  • Cookware Surface: Cast Iron surface works like a non-stick pan. On the other hand, stainless steels are suitable for browning.
  • Rivets: Check the rivets carefully. They will connect the handle with the pan. If they seem loose, avoid the cookware.

Now that you know just what material to choose cooking on a gas stove, it will be a blast for you. So, don’t wait up, get the one best suited to your budget.

Watford Delta Force Paintball

Delta Force Paintball Watford

It is not quite a popular scene where you get the chance to pursue your other half around a sloppy forest brandishing a paintball sniper and cracking wildly as they escape in fear; though I’m convinced this ought to occur frequently as we had the most invigorating time partaking in a morning of paintball missions at Delta Force Paintball in Watford and it’s positively a story that we will linger for a long time to come!

We touched base at 9 am as we already had a 10am-1pm morning session scheduled and were welcomed by a convergence of energized paintballee’s and workers in splendid yellow shirts guiding us where to go, pointing us towards the right directions and helping us arranging our gear. We didn’t have to carry anything with us as Delta Force give everything except for clothes. They asked us to wear something comfortable so we have any problems with mud as it rained heavily the night before

Subsequent to signing our consent forms, we were driven through a progression of boundaries firstly protect our clothes and soften the impact of the paintballs, goggle masks and body armor that covered our head down to the ankle, a paintball hopper and our equipment of overalls. We were then given the alternative to buying extra flares, grenades, smoke bombs and paintballs from the shop for which you must be beyond 18yrs years old. There are likewise light refreshments of crisps, caffeinated drinks, water, free tea and espresso, hot noodles and pizza which can be requested ahead of time for lunch although a portion of the groups and couples came with their own food. The lockers on location can be hired so we utilized our own to stow our box of valuables, phones, jackets and paintballs we had acquired as the only thing you’re required to take into the field is yourself and a paintball firearm. We had a lot of paintballs between us working out at around 100 paintballs each per game so it was sufficient for us. I had a bunch of balls extra in my firearm toward the end but I could have effectively utilized them all, it relies upon how trigger happy you get if you choose to go full-scale Armageddon or be an expert marksman.


Delta Force is the world biggest paintball games supplier with more than 50 prime UK areas for paintballing evaluated 5 stars by the UK Paintball Association and in charge of the wellbeing of more than 500,000 players yearly. With US spec padded collar to protect your torso and neck, the latest semi-automatic paintball guns which are lightweight and very accurate, camouflage combat suits to protect your clothes, custom-made battle packs to hold extra ammo and full head helmet and goggle protection systems fitted with anti-fog lenses, what you need to take into the field is your aim and your best war face best war face and point.

Just an hour into the game, I was wailing with laughter, giving cover to my partners, running at the enemy weapon blasting and even secured a helicopter as the president on an extraordinary mission to get to the safe point while the whole white group was told to shoot at me. Never ever did I believe I would ever be so brave, courageous, muddy and delighted to be tossed into the center of a battlefield protecting my partner and I’m glad it was something we both appreciated which has without a doubt united us even as a couple since now I can really say he’d take a bullet for me – and we have the declarations for extraordinary boldness and outstanding courage in battle to demonstrate it!